How to counteract Witchcraft / Black Magic Natural

  • Senin, 16 Mei 2011

  • In all modern era, witchcraft is still a bagiab most important in our lives. This can be viewed from the number of clinics specializing in treatment of witchcraft and its surroundings.
    But actually there is a natural item to ward off witchcraft and easy to do each person. To counteract the witchcraft / black magic is a special at home to protect its residents Darin,
    You must hear that pork bones are very powerful to ward off witchcraft / black magic premises only to bury his bone in the 4 corners of the front right and left and right behind the house also left, for a logical explanation I still can not explain the language of the layman, but This indeed can and try, hopefully can help you,
    If youyou have any questions can comment here .

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    MaPhia BlacK mengatakan...

    I'm hEre Boz..
    Nice BLog gan..^^

    mousetales mousetales mengatakan...

    are pig bones used for protection, love, money, healing spells. if used for what other spells using pig bones? I have pig bones from baby back ribs how do I clean them, let them dry out for how long, do I use them with other herbs, do I carve into these money for magic?

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